Making a start with a list.

I do like a list.

The idea for this project came from attending a workshop on values and values-based improvement in health care, how to ensure that the care we offer is of genuine worth to the person who receives it. The workshop was lead by the Realistic Medicine team, and during the day, each of us was challenged to develop an idea for a Value Improvement project.

My project is about engaging the public with realistic medicine. I kept all my notes from the workshop, and now I am making a start. I have a list:

  • Start a blog (I can tick that one off, but now I should keep adding)
  • Who should I approach for a project team?
  • I should talk to Carmen at the Scottish Health Council, and read their Report on Realistic Medicine. 
  • How can I measure? What can I measure?
  • I should refine the ‘pitch’ – so I can tell people about this and generate excitement. I also should use this pitch in a project charter.
  • What am I doing already that I can recruit into this project? I have signposting cards for decision support, I could add the five questions. I could use our PPG facebook page and practice web-site. I could use the health promotion board for a month. Learning in the loo with QR codes?
  • What support from the public would be easy? Am paipear, An Radio spring to mind.
  • I should pace myself, ensure that I try one thing at a time.
  • How will I create something that can be spread?

If anyone wants to add to this list, please go ahead.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I am a GP in Benbecula, in the Outer Hebrides, and I have been working here for over 25 years. I’ve been discussing the Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Reports with colleagues, and I’m very enthusiastic about the theme she is pursuing.

The main theme is ‘Realistic Medicine’ – and I’m not finding it easy to describe this in a short blog paragraph. However, if we are all to realise and practice Realistic Medicine, then patients may well be the people who, as they move through the NHS, ask the right questions and work with staff to create an NHS with realistic goals and values.

My idea is to see if we can bring the concepts of Realistic Medicine to our small population, and empower people to spread the concepts along their clinical journeys. And if it works here, it could work in other places as well.

The actual reports are listed here. In my next post, I’m going to try and tell you what Realistic Medicine means to me.

Part 1: Realistic Medicine 2014-15

Part 2: Realising Realistic Medicine 2015-16

Part 3: Practicing Realistic Medicine 2016-17

View from my desk – a view to inspire contemplation.