The Handbook of Non-Drug Interventions

Thank you to the British Journal of General Practice for pointing me in this direction. HANDI is a project launched by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2013, to promote effective non-drug treatments. Now the RCGP is partnering with the RACGP to bring this approach to the UK.

The HANDI resource collects evidence based non-drug interventions relevent to and practical for GPs. Many of the interventions on the webpage are common-sense, and practical. Many of them are treatments I already use or prescribe, like the Epley manoevere, or wet combing for headlice. There are other recommendations that I had previously dismissed, not realising that there was an evidence base.

Delivering non drug interventions in practice promotes health literacy and reduces clinical dependence; for these interventions to be effective, patients and families will need to understand how they will help, and can apply the learning in the future.

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Dr Kate

I am a GP in Benbecula, with many interests including patient safety, human factors, and data.

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