Liason Coordinator

With thanks to Dr Duffy, who shared this with me and with whom I have done a practice exchange – I worked for her last week in the Peat Road Medical Practice, which was a great experience. I’ll blog more about this later.

By Tom Leonard, from Ghostie Men

efturryd geenuz iz speel
iboot whut wuz right
nwhut wuz rang
boot this nthat
nthi nix thing

a sayzti thi bloke
nwhut izzit yi caw
yir joab jimmy

am a liason co-ordinator
hi says oh good ah sayz
a liason co-ordinator

Just what this erria needs
whut way aw thi unimploymint 
inaw thi bevvyin
nthi boayz runnin amock
nthi hoossyz fawnty bits
nthi wummin n tranquilisers
it last thiv sent uz
a liason co-ordinator

sumdy wia digree
in fuck knows whut
getn peyd fur no known 
whut thi fuck ti day way it

I must add – the social interventions from this practice were nothing like this. It was joined up, aimed at getting the best from available resources, ensuring people got the best help from the right people.

I’m already thinking of going back…

Poetry as a way of seeing another perspective, in carefully chosen words.

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